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Production & QA

Upon receipt of the approvable pilot run samples, the production team starts the production process. All materials are ordered directly from registered component manufacturers and authorize dealers to ensure quality and supply. Caltek only uses materials that are within 12 months validity; it prohibits use of any fall out materials. All materials are thoroughly examined for genuineness and reliability by IQC before they are used. These include components such as I.C., LCD, batteries, PCB, housing case, test leads, etc. Random checks are carried out on passive components such as resistors, capacitors, buzzers, and etc. using the AQL standard platform of BS6001 and DIN40080. Packing materials are also randomly checked at the same AQL standard.

To ensure quality and correct order of procedures various checkpoints are implemented at each stage of production as follows:

One checkpoint during component insertion line.

Two check points during the PCB assembly line.

One checkpoint at the repairing counter.

One checkpoint at the package counter.

100% QC on functions before case assembly.

100% QC on functions after case assembly.

The above precautionary procedures are put in place to ensure and maintain a production defect rate of below 1%.

Pre-shipment Inspection

Prior to every shipment all product are inspected by independent QC team headed by licensed inspectors. We also welcome pre-shipment inspection by customer's own inspector. At pre-shipment inspection, we apply MIL-STD 105D AQL standard with 1.5 major/ 2.5 minor.

Should any of the goods fall out of the AQL level all the products will be returned for re-worked. A second time inspection will be conducted on the re-worked products and in the unlikely event that a critical problem is found, Caltek will absorb the rejected goods. We allow a maximum of two times for goods  to be re-worked. To protect the interests of customers, all rejected goods are securely locked in a separate room where no personnel can gain access to them except top management. An evaluation by management on the rejected goods will be carried out and if the  components are found to be un-reusable, they will be sent for scrapping under the supervision of management quarterly.





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