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OEM/ ODM Projects and Import / Export Business

I.  As an expert of multimeter manufacturer, we provide professional service such as:

a) Standard products in Caltek's own brand.  We are looking for representatives and/or agents to work with us to serve the high market demand globally. We invite your participation. 

b) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing). We provide OEM in customer brands, where customers can have exclusivity in their restricted area for sharing the technological achievement of Caltek. We also allow minor modification at minimal cost.

c) ODM (Original Design Manufacturing). With over 10 years experience in original design, we always offer state-of-the-art original design products to match with customers' specific requirements. Your investment could be as low as US$3000 for an exclusive range of meters. The turnaround time for a simple draft outlook to a mass production sample with the necessary safety approvals could be within 8 months.

We also specialise in RF radio projects. 

All your ideas are of our concern and commitment to make them become a products.

II.  Electronics relating goods as I/E trading business

We have 60 local distributors with 1000 outlets covering 30 provinces in China dispatching high quality Electronic Instruments and related products. With more than 10 years experience in electronics products, we insist in providing high quality goods to the end-users. Products are of our own design or Customers invested products. All products are produced with our utmost sincerity and confidence, matching to the new technology. We welcome cooperation and development in this area.

III. SMT Offshore Assembling

We welcome for offshore assembly or joint development productions in our fully SMT (Surface mount technology) equipment site.





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