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CALTEK. Caltek Industrial was founded in 1989. Specialists and leaders in designing and manufacturing top quality multimeters, our name was derived from CALibrated TEKnology  engineering.  Its professionalism has justifiably earned the reputation in the ever increasingly fierce market as one of the best in the field in Asia. With over 15 strong years of experience in the field Caltek is extremely confident of fully satisfying the different needs of its many customers.

Caltek is headquartered in Hong Kong with a staff of 20 in Sales & Marketing, Operations and Research & Development. Its factory is based in Shenzhen and Pan Yu, Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China employing a workforce of approximately 150.

Unlike many of competitors the management of Caltek strictly prohibits copying of other brand designs, manufacture counterfeit product or abuse the declaration of world standard platforms such as Europe’s CE standard. Our number one objective is to produce original design meters which strictly comply to the safety requirements of CE-EMC & LVD standards, over-voltage CAT II/ CAT III and pollution degree 2.

Our R&D department is staffed by qualified Engineers with many years of experiences in the field. Our management philosophy is to train and inspire every staff member to exert their best efforts so as to produce first class products in terms of quality, cost and marketability. Caltek’s top priority is to gain full satisfaction from its clients and we have been successful to date in this respect. To best serve our customers we are 100% flexible in terms of satisfying the different needs of respective customer order of ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), custom design products, etc. We are able to produce premium products in a reasonable lead time.

Caltek has a wide range of standard products that are constantly reviewed and, if necessary, modified and improved to acquire new value added features, matching up to the technological advancement. Caltek’s has its own custom design chips that can be created into unique models enabling simple operation. We also offer both standard and custom made housing cases for meters that not only uses advance technology such as double injection for extra protection but are unique in their modern appearances.

We have several productions lines based in the People’s Republic of China manufacturing a wide range of products. All the production lines share the same management concept to produce defect free products that strictly complies with the AQL system.

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