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R & D Concepts

Starting from a design concept, our engineers will make out sketches of appearance, the possible features and the technological standpoints to be applied into the design. Upon thorough analyzation of both mechanical and electronic engineers, our mechanical team started to make the dummy, finish with part drawings, fitting up with different toolings such as the LCD support, metal contact plates, plastic tools, etc. At the same time, our electronic team will prepare the PCB layout. Upon ready of the housing case, an engineering sample will be assembled by the team. After checking of all functions, the sample had preliminary passed and ready for presentation to the management.

Meanwhile, necessary safety approval test will be carried out in Germany. Upon completion of safety test and approval from the Marketing team, the design will under go pilot run. Actual specifications and BOM will be determined during the pilot run. Upon stability of the product, this matured design will than be passed to the production line for mass production.

The following flow chart will best illustrate our development of a new product line.





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